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Computer Classes

Computers Classes on Demand 

Computer classes are back! Choose what you want to learn and learn it at your own pace. You choose what classes and when. Classes are available by appointment during regular open hours when no adult program is taking place. Reach out to the Reference Desk at 414-357-0106 for more details.

Note: These classes are for educational purposes only so that you are more able to do these tasks yourselves. No official forms or other documents will be filled out for you (or advice given on such), though examples of such forms might be.

Classes include:
Typing & Mouse Works –
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to type, we can set you on your way toward learning. Mouse skills will also be covered. Discover the tools and classes you need to start your journey, make a plan, and start improving. Follow-up sessions to check on your progress and help you over hurdles that may come up can also be arranged.

Basic Word – Writing on the computer doesn’t have to be scary. We will have you creating a document and editing it, learning basic formatting skills and word-processing shortcuts. 

Basic Excel – Spreadsheets and formulas leave you cross-eyed? No worries. We’ll run you through the basics and help you to feel a little more comfortable with those tables of information.

Internet Searches and Basic Navigation – If finding the right keyword or getting to the right web page have you down, look no further. We’ll explore various search engines and practice going to specific pages.

Forms – Forms can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. If you take it step by step, they don’t have to be that bad. We’ll go over some of the basics of how forms work and what to look for to know what you really need to fill in and then we will have you practice filling some out. No real forms will be provided or filled out during the class.

Setting up an Email – Whether you want to log in to a specific site but it requires you to have an email, that job listing you are interested needs an online way to contact you, or you just want to better keep in touch with loved ones, email is an essential part of today’s world. We’ll help you set up an email and practice sending a couple of messages. We’ll show you how to attach a document and a few tips on how to use email safely and effectively.

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